Spirituality in Australia

Frank Fletcher

There are those of us who feel that Western culture is badly out of joint at the spiritual level - and that this crisis was brought to these shores and has affected Australia in a way peculiar to this land and its history. Both land and people are not being nourished: there is a hardly acknowledged emptiness amongst many people. They turn to New Age or biblical fundamentalism or post-modern nihilism or simply drift. Many do not turn to the Church because they do not hear their questions, confusions and longings being addressed with an Australian understanding. This project seeks to provide such an understanding. At this stage the focus is on the theological relationship between Christian (mainly Catholic) faith in Australia and the Aboriginal spirituality of the land. The project is uncovering fresh understanding of faith as well as of Aboriginal spirituality. A number of papers have been published in theological journals and books.

I published Chapter I of my book in preparation in Nelen Yubu No.77, 1-10 [2001/1] called 'Meeting the Objections'.

Chapter II, 'Making Some Bodily Connections', (click on the title) appears on this site as the first contribution to eNY, i.e. Nelen Yubu in electronic form on the web.

Frank Fletcher MSC, D.Theol.

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