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Last updated 26 May 2012.

Present update 17 April 2015.

Clearly, not much has been happening in the Nelen Yubu world for quite some time. Actually, it is more appropriate to detail the things that have been unhappening!

The most faithful and industious secretary, Keren Calvert, died in Melbourne on Wednesday 10 June 2009. Her last years were spent in a couple of retirement homes in Melbourne, close to her second daughter Judith. Keren was widely appreciated, and is now much missed. Sadly we commend her to the Lord.

Since moving to Sydney myself, I have had several health setbacks: heart attack, pace-makers inserted, removal of a gangrenous gall bladder. I spent a few weeks at Peppimenarti two years ago putting names to the photoes I had taken during my half-year there back in 1976. I am now thinking of what I might commit to writing by

way of my final report on my Peppimenarti experience

These lines will only appear on the Nelen Yubu web page.  Mamak.


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