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NYMU (the Nelen Yubu Missiological Unit) began in 1977 in the Northern Territory with the aim of working at the interface between Aboriginal society on the one hand and modern Australian evangelisation on the other. In the Ngangikurrungur language of the Daly River area nelen means 'way' and yubu means 'good' - a good way to travel.

Martin Wilson

Its tools are the resources of anthropological and sociological research. It began publishing its observations and findings particularly in a missiological journal which, after the model of Anthropos , would give preference to reports from a field situation while endeavouring to maintain a respectable academic standard.

Keren Calvert

The journal began under the name of Tracks. It was renamed Nymuna for issue No.4, but then assumed the

name it continued under until its end: Nelen Yubu. After issue No.80 at the beginning of 2002 we terminated publication of the journal. Later on in the year paid-up subscribers received a special issue of an index of the 81 numbers (there was a pilot edition at the very beginning). We have also prepared an archival CD in PDF format that will be distributed to subscribers and others. Copies are still (7/2/2011) available from NYMU at $10 plus postage.

Keren Calvert (at right) was a totally dedicated secretary from 1979 until her death in 2010 -- she proofread a projected publication early in the year and, true to style, found a four typographical points to question within the first two pages! RIP

The first issue of eNY, i.e. Electronic Nelen Yubu commenced with the second chapter of Frank Fletcher's book Aboriginality and Jesus. -- but has not progressed any further

NYMU intends to continue its publication work: special productions such as directories for the MSC province, and books. See LIST of productions.

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