List of NYMU Publications

NYMU began the Nelen Yubu Missiological Series in 1979. A number of its publications have been in partnership with other publishers:

  • No.1: M J Wilson (n.d., but 1979) New, Old and Timeless: Pointers towards an Aboriginal theology, Chevalier Press (ISBN 86940 016 9), 68 pp.

    No.2: Kevin Barr, Not To Destroy But To Fulfil: some reflections on indigenization of the church (1979), Chevalier Press (ISBN 86940 020 7), 100 pp., soft cover

    No.3: Ernest Ailred Worms sac (1986), Australian Aboriginal Religions, translated by M J Wilson, D O’Donovan, M Charlesworth from Australische Eingeborenen Religionen (first published by W Kohlhammer Verlag, Stuttgart as vol.2, Die Religionen der Sudsee und Australiens, in the series Die Religionen des Menscheit directed by Christel Mattias Schroeder. (ISBN 0 86786 099 5), 231 pp., soft cover.

    No.4: Peter Malone msc (1987), In Black and White and Colour: Aborigines in Australian feature films. 156 pp., soft cover. (ISBN 0 9587869 0 9).

    No.5: M J Wilson, Ministry Among Aboriginal People: missiological overview of Catholic Church in Australia (1988), Collins Dove, Melbourne (ISBN 0 85924 730 9), 67 pp., soft cover. It was No.7 in the Pastoral Investigation of Contemporary Trends series produced by the since defunct National Catholic Research Council.

    No.6: Ernest A Worms, Helmut Petri (1986), Australian Aboriginal Religions, a revised translation of No.3 done by G Christoph sac and Maria Gelhausen. 252 pp., soft cover (ISBN 0 86786 260 2).

    No.7: Kevin McKelson sac (1999) Japulu Kankarra, the Father in Heaven: Can a tribal Aborigine be at the same time a Catholic? Some thoughts among others on this matter. Privately produced for the Pallottines, a reprint of articles by the author in Nelen Yubu, Nos 59-64 (1995-1996).

    No.8: Peter Malone msc (2000), My Names: sketches and glimpses in hindsight. 179 pp., soft cover. (ISBN 0 9587869 1 7).

  • No.8.1: Anthony Caruana msc (2000), Monastery on the Hill: a history of the Sacred Heart Monastery, Kensington 1897– 1997. 396 pp., soft cover. (ISBN 0 9587869 2 5). Kensington, NSW. ($40) Cf. MSC Library site,

    No.9 Dan O’Donovan (2001), Dadirri, 68 pp., soft cover (ISBN 0 9587869 3 3).

    No.10 Brian Gallagher msc (editor): Mystics for Every Millennium. Heart of Life, Canterbury, Vic. 140 pp., soft cover (ISBN 0 9587869 5 X).

    No.11 Peter Hearn (2003), A Theology of Mission:Diocese of Darwin 1949-85: An analysis of the theology of mission of the Catholic diocese of Darwin in its ministry to Aboriginal people during the episcopacy of John O'Loughlin msc (1949-85). 384pp.,soft cover (ISBN 0 9587869 6 8). Nat. Lib. of Australia #266.294295.

    No.12 Paul Brooks msc (2006), Schools In and Out...: From cleaner to headmaster. 252pp, soft cover (ISBN 0 9587869 8 4).

    No.13 Paul Cashen msc (2006), From the Sacred Heart to the Heart of the Sacred: the spiritual journey of Australian Catholics since the Second Vatican Council. 250pp., soft cover. (ISBN 0 9587869 9 2)

  • Nos.1, 2 & 3 are now out of print. No.4 is obtainable from Philip Malone at 1a Mountain Grove, Kew Vic. 3101. No.5 might be obtainable from Collins Dove. Spectrum Publications (PO Box 75, Richmond Vic. 3121) are the printers and distributors of No.6. Nos 8,12,13 are obtainable from NYMU. No.9 is already sold out. No.10 is obtainable from Heart of Life Centre, 7 Nortons Lane, Wantirna South, Vic. 3152 ($15 each including post and handling). Fax (03) 3900 1399. No.11 has been reprinted (an extra 100 copies), but is now sold out. -- A Caruana's Monastery on the hill (2000) was missed from our earlier lists: it has now been inserted as No.8.1. It is still available from the author at Chevalier Resource Centre (1 Roma Ave, Kensington NSW 2033).


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